Our Platform The Ultimate Shipping Intelligence Solution

Our AI-powered software simplifies your shipping operations from refund tracking and invoice auditing, to contract negotiation. No upfront costs, only pay when you save.

/01 Refund Management

Late shipment filing and tracking

Delays happen - but you shouldn’t pay for them. We remove the hassle from the refund process. Our smart platform streamlines refunds for delayed shipments, so you never waste time or money on carrier mistakes. With ShipPlug, there are no contracts so you can stop anytime.

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/02 Carrier Agreement Optimization

Data-driven insights to save you money

Understanding carrier documentation can be complicated. Our team will walk you through every part of the carrier contract and advocate on your behalf — benchmarking carrier agreements and ensuring you’re getting the best service at the best price possible. Plus, there are no upfront costs or need to change your existing processes.

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/03 Invoice Audit and Payment Automation

Streamline finances & secure extra savings

From active rate checking and monthly business reviews to filing claims and payments, we’re always working to identify new opportunities for savings. Our expert team and sophisticated software makes it easy to hand off your invoices, stress-free.

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/04 Deeper Discounts Via Carrier Relationships

Unique insights for a competitive edge

We've sat on the other side of the table, which allows us to provide our clients with unrivaled expertise, solutions and results no one else can offer. Let us put our 50 years of combined big carrier experience to work for you.

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Unlock Greater Savings
With ShipPlug

Leveraging 50+ years of shipping industry expertise and proprietary AI technology, our platform can scan through hundreds of carrier agreements to ensure you have the best rates, simplify your shipping operations and unlock more savings.

Discover what shipping smarter can do for you.

Save Money & Time with Shipping Optimization
Parcel Audit Software Payment Automation Invoice Auditing No Upfront Costs Keep Your Carrier Refund Management
Parcel Audit Software Payment Automation Invoice Auditing No Upfront Costs Keep Your Carrier Refund Management
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